Welcome to my official web site. First off, I'd like to say Thank you so much for stopping by! I am so pumped for the year 2015! I've been working so hard, preparing a lot of material for you all to love, remember & enjoy. It has been such a busy year for me. I cannot wait to show you all of the work I've completed. My debut album, "Restricted Limits" will be out shortly, (as we all know that doing any musical project is a work-in-process and it cannot be considered as "rush-ready"). Sorry, but aren't we all a perfectionist at times? However, we haven't set an official release date for the project so please stay tuned for info! I'll try my best to keep you all posted on the status & progress, as well as my film work too. I really appreciate all of your endless support! I love you all! Many blessings, wishes, love and faith! 

— Devonte Riley.